Professional Courses

Presenting Yourself: The Hardest Sales Pitch
Networking Beyond LinkedIn
Dressing for the Job You Desire & the Death of Business Casual
Dining: Your Way to the Head of the Table
The Hardest Call: Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers Without Losing Them
Presentation Protocol: Always Keeping Your Audience Riveted
Brain Food: Setting Up the Perfect Power Lunch for Power Plays
Minding Your P’s and Cues: Reacting in a Business Setting
Business Talk: Communicating the Best Way in Every Medium

Sign up for one or all of these nine comprehensive professional courses detailing everything you need to get your foot in the door, your face in front of the right people, and your body behind a desk. Already on the right path at your company? Then we’ll help you step on the fast track to promotion and leadership positions, teach you how to get face time with the people that will shape your destiny, impress while communicating from a podium, behind a desk or virtually, set up a meal that allows you to seal the deal, dress like you belong in those corner offices, and anticipate the proper reaction for any situation.


Don’t Dress for Success. Dress Like You’ve Already Arrived.
The Art of Conversation & Why Phones Should Stay in Pockets
Self-Motivation: Getting Out of Your Own Way on a Daily Basis

Work somewhere long enough and it’s easy to develop an elevator pitch for your company or a specific product. But what about yourself? What could you say in less than two minutes that makes them believe you’re the best person for a job, a partnership, or even a relationship? The core of etiquette and protocol is not about advancing your career. It’s about advancing yourself in the eyes of everyone around you through kindness, intelligence and grace.

Wait Staff Courses

Hosts: Your Restaurant’s First Impression
Phone Etiquette: When Talk Isn’t Cheap
Chain of Command: Cutting Weak Links and Maintaining Order
Service Tips: Even Great Food Can’t Cover Up a Bad Attitude
Napkin Rings and Wrongs: The Science of Place Setting and Table Arrangement
Them Again: Dealing with Problem Customers and Customer Problems

Look at any 5 pages of Yelp reviews, and you’ll notice an interesting trend. Terrible food can get good reviews if a customer enjoyed their service, but even the finest foods will leave a bad taste in a customer’s mouth if they had a rude waiter, a poor hostess, or a manager who was lax in taking care of a problem. Among other helpful things, this course will teach you and your staff exactly what it takes to create a warm and hospitable atmosphere and deal with difficulties with tact and a smile on your face.

All your business and personal interactions will get better once you’ve had your B.E.S.T. Day.

Please note that all of our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Every one of our courses can also be customized to create a half-day or full-day B.E.S.T. Day Workshop, giving you the best value for your etiquette training and cutting down on the amount of time away from your business.